Fox "News" & Sean Hannity Caught Using Beck's Protest Footage As Bachmann's by Jon Stewart (UPDATED w/ Hannity's Response)

Boing! Jon Stewart catches Fox News and Sean Hannity using old footage to make last weeks protest seem much bigger than it was. The file footage of the better-attended, Glenn Beck Sept. 12the Teabagger protest was substituted as if it were from the recent Michelle Bachmann event on the Capitol steps, attended by approximately 4,000. (John uses Politico's/WaPo's 10,000 figure, but that too was a made up figure.)

Sean Hannity Uses Glenn Beck's Protest Footage

Sean Hannity uses footage of Glenn Beck's bigger protest to make the GOP's health care rally appear more heavily attended.


Well, bowl me over. I've never seen anything like this. Sean Hannity admitted on his show last night -- in an apology of sorts -- that Jon Stewart was right ( h/t 1man1vote):


Media Matter would like to point out that the "Hannity video switch-up is only the tip of Fox News' video-doctoring iceberg."
Fox News has history of deceptively using video to advance dubious storylines:
  • Fox News encouraged crowd to cheer during report on 9-12 rally.
  • Beck claimed G-20 protesters in Pittsburgh carried a hammer-and-sickle symbol, but image actually came from a California school's "Class of 2007" mosaic.
  • Fox News presented deceptively cropped six-month-old Biden clip as new.
Fox News has repeatedly used doctored video and photos to smear progressives:

Media Matters for America has documented numerous examples of Fox News hosts and correspondents cropping comments by progressives and Democratic political figures, and in one case, the appearance of New York Times reporters, in a manner that misrepresents them. For instance:

  • Ingraham used doctored video to smear Gore.
  • Goler reverses meaning of Obama quote to falsely suggest he supports European-style health care.
  • Hannity cropped comment to suggest Obama "blame[s] America."
  • Fox News cropped Obama quote on empathy.
  • Fox News aired altered photos of NY Times reporters.

read the details in each example....

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