FLASHBACK: U.K.'s Charlie Brooker on the American News Media

I thought this video commentary by The U.K.'s Charlie Brooker I blogged about last April, was worth repeating now that the Obama White House is "at war" with Fox "news."

This is what people on the other side of the pond think about our "news" media? And, while he mentions Keith Olbermann, his real scorn is left for every one at Fox (h/t to News Hounds for reminding me about this great vide).

Charlie Brooker Rips American News Media; Emphasis on Fox

The U.K.'s Charlie Brooker rips the American news media, particularly cable news and with an emphasis on Fox and their lunatic pundicks. It's one of the best smackdowns you will ever see. This is hysterical. His tear-down of Fox news will become a classic.

Video courtesy of cbsection8 from :

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