Enough with Joe Lieberman!

Like others, I have been screaming that "Lieberman Must Go!" for a long time.

When do Democrats say they have had enough of Joe Lieberman?

Yesterday on Face the Nation, Joe Lieberman told Bob Scheiffer, " I would use the power I have as— as a single Senator to stop a final vote."

What was the point of President Obama stepping up and and saving his ass just after the election last November (see here, here, here, here, here & here) and after things like this, this and this (during the 18 month election) when Senate Democrats -- like Sen. Patrick Leahy -- (and most Democratic voters in general) wanted Lieberman stripped of all committee chairmanships?

Since saving him, Joe has said he May Hold Hearings On Obama's “Czar” Problem (also see here & here) courtesy of Glenn Beck.

Since saving him, Joe has said Obama Must Keep Guantánamo Open, calling it “humane,” and along with John McCain & Lindsey Graham, writing a bill to ensure prisoners aren't brought onto U.S. soil for trial in an attempt to thwart Obama's effort to close this international embarrassment and terrorist recruiting tool. All this despite the fact that there is broad, bi-partisan consensus for closing Guantánamo.

What was the point of Senate Leader Reid Harry Reid stepping up and and saving his ass, when all you get in return is a spit in your face based solely on his ego?

Now, I get that there's a possibility that this is all bluster. And the truth is, I'm not as anxious about his bloviating today as I was last week when all his threats first surfaced. Lieberman IS a lying scumbag. After all, he was once supposedly in favor of universal coverage.

However, there's no reason Reid can't come out and make it clear that Joe will lose his committee chairmanship on the Committee on Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs.

As Think Progress points out, holy Joe wouldn't be voting for health care reform no matter what was in it. The public option is what is really stopping him:
In his discussion with Schieffer, Lieberman acted as though the public option was the only thing stopping him from supporting health care reform. But this ignores the fact that Lieberman opposed the Baucus bill last month, which did not contain a public option. Apparently, Lieberman truly just wants “nothing” when it comes to health care reform.
Maybe Joe should check out this almost unbelievable story (via America Blog) about a Top McCain campaign adviser running out of insurance, has pre-existing condition.

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