Christie Upset Over DNC Robo Calls After Christie's Two Robo-Calls Featuring Guiliani AND McCain?


Chris Christie is very upset over DNC robo-calls on behalf of independent candidate Chris Daggett (via TPM):

The Christie campaign is complaining to the state about a tactic from the New Jersey Democrats -- who have admitted to making robocalls to promote independent candidate Chris Daggett.

The calls happened in Somerset County, an area where Christie should likely do very well, and where any addition in vote for Daggett would likely come more from Christie's column than Corzine's.

The Christie campaign has sent a letter to ELEC (the state equivalent of the Federal Election Commission), demanding an investigation into the calls and an immediate directive that the Dems stop it, on the grounds that the calls would constitute an illegal in-kind contribution from the Dems to Daggett.


Mind you, this is AFTER his TWO Robo-calls featuring Rudy Guiliani AND John McCain ripping Gov. John Corzine (via BlueJersey)!
RNC has McCain and Rudy robo-calling NJ Voters

The RNC is sending robocalls from Rudy Giuliani and John McCain into the homes of NJ Voters. Here's the Rudy call:
Hi this is Rudy Giuliani. I'm calling because I care about what's going on in New Jersey. The Trenton Democrats broke their promises and raised billions of dollars in taxes. Business, jobs and families have been driven out of the state. Special interests dominate Trenton and corruption continues to fester at taxpayers expense. Business as usual can't be allowed any longer. We need your vote to get New Jersey back on the right track. On Tuesday, November 3, let's replace the Trenton tax machine for the real change NJ needs. Vote Republican
And then here is McCain's robo-call:
This is John McCain calling with an urgent message. Trenton Democrats broke their promises and raised millions of dollars in taxes. As a result, businesses, jobs and families have been driven away. These corrupt special interests will continue to dominate unless you take action. This is an extremely close election and your vote will make a difference. On Tuesday November 3, vote Republican for the real change NJ needs.
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His hypocrisy is HYSTERICAL! I guess he's really upset that it's on behalf of Chris Daggett. Tuff. Imagine if the roles were reversed. Hmmmmmm.

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