But you are, Blanche Lincoln, you are in the crossfire.

Blanche Lincoln refuses to commit to not just supporting a string public option, but vowing not to join a Rethug filibuster -- letting Dems have an up or down vote -- even if she chooses to vote against the final Health Care Reform bill in the end.

Here she is giving a non-committal answer on the filibuster question (h/t mrcawguy):

Blanche Lincoln finds herself pressured from all sides. Arkansas isn't particularly friendly to progressives; especially in an off-year election coming right after the country elected its first African-American President. While tea-baggers and Republicans marshal scream and shout, progressives are squeezing the Senator from the other side, insisting that she support a health care bill containing a public option.

And, here is a new ad from Blue America demanding she give Democrats that up or down vote (via Crooks and Liars):

Blanche Lincoln. Blue America has run TV spots against Lincoln all summer and fall and she's watched her re-elect numbers dwindle down to a place where if a serious opponent-- i.e., one with big bucks to buy advertising-- jumped into the race, she would lose. She may lose anyway, even though her current opponents would probably do better if they toured together as a carnival show. Yesterday the RNC started trying to push her to vote with Republicans-- as she so often does-- and against health care reform.

This week Blue America and our friends at "Donkey on the Edge" have a brand new ad for Arkansas voters to look at-- the fourth in our series-- and the message is very different from the Republicans'. By all means, be the first to view it-- and please consider making a contribution of our Campaign for Health Care Choice page so we can run it deep and wide.

more from Blue America...
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