UPDATED 9X: Breaking: Lou Dobbs Quitting CNN!

Lou Dobbs has been deported.

From the NY Times (h/t DKos' trifecta):

Lou Dobbs, the longtime CNN anchor whose anti-immigration views have made him a TV lightning rod, plans to announce Wednesday that he is leaving the network, two network employees said.

A CNN executive confirmed that Mr. Dobbs will announce his resignation plans on his 7 p.m. program. His resignation is effective immediately; tonight’s program will be his last on CNN. His contract was not set to expire until the end of 2011.


Well known for his political positions, Mr. Dobbs is an outlier at CNN, which has sought to position itself as a middle ground of sorts in the fractious cable news arena. Perhaps hinting at plans for an exit from CNN, Mr. Dobbs met with Roger Ailes, the chairman of the Fox News Channel, last month. At the time Mr. Dobbs was viewed as a potential hire for the Fox Business Network.

A Fox spokesperson said Wednesday, “We have not had any discussions with Lou Dobbs for Fox News or Fox Business.”


Lately, though, he has saved most of his opinions for his afternoon radio show, which made its debut in March 2008. It is on the radio show that he talked repeatedly about the conspiracy theory claims that President Obama is not a United States citizen. When he mentioned the citizenship issue on CNN over the summer, his bosses were forced to call it a “dead issue.”

More recently, Mr. Dobbs’ views on immigration provoked a protest by Hispanic groups. Members of the groups complained that CNN was allowing Mr. Dobbs “to spread lies and misinformation about us each night.”


Here's' trifecta reaction:

Lou Dobbs is expected to announce that he wants to spend more time with his xenophobia. We shall see what happens, but I get the gut feeling that this is not retirement, but a Glenn Beck style move to Fox News. Lou Dobbs has been a terrible fit for CNN.

Dobbs' anti brown hysteria knows no bounds. CNN is the middle of the road cable network in this country, and Dobbs ranting against the foreigners really isn't the niche that CNN is trying to fill in the market.

Perhaps he will take some time off, reflect on the hate he has stoked. Either way, goodbye and good riddance.



Also see:
If you think Lou isn't headed right on over to Fox "news" you haven't really been paying attention.


Here's Lou, and by the sound of it, still living on a delusion planet where he is the one who has remained above the fray (while everyone else is just plain crazy):

Think Progress notes:
In his departure statement, Dobbs -- who previously mulled a run for governor of New Jersey -- seemed to hint at a possible run for elected office. "Some leaders in media, politics, and business have been urging me to go beyond the role here at CNN and to engage in constructive problem-solving," he said.


I'm sure Media Matters will be doing a video montage at some point too (hint hint).

R.I.P. Lou.


Think Progress offers links to its pieces on the most recent controversy involving Dobbs: His battle with John Stossel:
Media Matters has re-posted this video on their front page, in honor of tonight's news, lest we forget why Lou needed to be shown the door:

They've also released the following:
Statement on Dobbs' Resignation from CNN
November 11, 2009
Under Pressure, Controversial Host Announces Immediate Departure

Washington, DC - Media Matters for America released the following statement responding to late breaking news that controversial CNN host Lou Dobbs, best known for his relentless anti-immigrant rhetoric, will be leaving his long-time cable news home effective tonight.

"For too long, CNN provided Lou Dobbs with its stamp of approval as he pursued a dangerous, one-sided and all too often false conspiracy tinged crusade against immigrants," said Eric Burns, president of Media Matters. "This is a happy day for all those who care about this nation of immigrants and believe in the power of media to elevate the political discourse."

For More on Lou Dobbs' History:


Media Matters played a leading role in the Drop Dobbs Coalition (DropDobbs.com) which was launched to call attention to Dobbs' incendiary hate speech and falsehoods, which advertisers were supporting through their sponsorship of his nightly CNN program. The Coalition includes numerous national civil rights and other groups concerned about the kind of hate promoted daily by Dobbs on his television and radio programs. In addition to Media Matters in partnership with NDN, the coalition, representing over two million people, includes the National Council of La Raza, LULAC, National Hispanic Media Coalition, America's Voice, The Hispanic Institute, Southern Poverty Law Center, Netroots Nation, Voto Latino, LCLAA, Center for New Community, Reform Immigration for America, the Dolores Huerta Foundation, the National Puerto Rican Coalition and GALEO.

Keith Olbermann gave Lou the Bronze medal in Worst Persons to Lou tonight:


Via Kos:
Ha ha ha ha ha ha

Lou Dobbs, August 14:

It's just killing the left wing in this country that they can't force CNN to fire me.

Lou Dobbs, today:



Ruh-oh. Lou Dobbs has yet another conspiracy theory he's touting: ThinkProgress is conspiring with The White House with ‘Insidious And Sordid Attacks’ (via Think Progress):
Last night, CNN anchor Lou Dobbs abruptly announced that he was leaving the network, effective immediately. TPM notes that in the weeks preceding his departure, Dobbs told GQ that the White House had been conspiring with a number of groups, including ThinkProgress, to wage “insidious and sordid attacks” against him with the goal of intimidating him and his former network:

GQ: That was my next question. Have you heard from the administration?

LD: Of course I have. Sure. Without question. They are coordinating with a number of groups, including the Center for American Progress. The usual suspects. To carry out constant and absolutely insidious and sordid attacks on me.

For the record, neither ThinkProgress nor its parent organization, the Center for American Progress Action Fund, collaborated with the White House on our Dobbs coverage. However, Dobbs’ paranoid remarks did come around the same time ThinkProgress began promoting the efforts of progressive activists who were leading the Drop Dobbs, Tell CNN Enough Is Enough, and Basta Dobbs campaigns aimed at pressuring CNN to hold Dobbs to journalistic standards.


Greg Sargent wonders if the left will be given ANY credit for forcing Lou Dobb's off CNN?

When right wing bloggers got Dan Rather fired from CBS, traditional news orgs widely hailed the role of right blogostan in exposing the shortcomings of Rather’s story on Bush and the National Guard and gave the right full credit for bringing him down.

Now that Lou Dobbs — also a major media figure — has quit CNN, it remains to be seen whether the online left will get anywhere near the same level of credit.

Whatever you think of Media Matters, there’s no denying that the group led a campaign against Dobbs that had to have played some kind of role in his departure. CNN president Jonathan Klein reportedly told Dobbs months ago that he wanted Dobbs to tone down his opinions. It’s hard to imagine that the constant drumbeat of attention paid by Media Matters, Think Progress, HuffPo, TPM and other sites to Dobbs’ more outlandish opinions — and the damage they were doing to CNN’s news brand — didn’t put Klein and CNN on edge.

Media Matters tends to evoke sneers from mainstream media types. But some smart reporters understand that Media Matters has had an impact simply by trafficking in information — by carefully, systematically, comprehensively, and relentlessly documenting the more lurid rhetoric of the right, and putting it on display in one place for all to see.


Great. John King is going to replace Lou Dobbs! Another right-wing tool in prime time (see here, here, here, here & here). How original of CNN. (via GottaLaff):

Heading into the critical 2010 midterm elections, CNN will launch a new weekday political program that will be hosted by award winning correspondent John King. [...]

Early next year, King will move into the 7 p.m. ET time slot that was previously held by longtime CNN anchor Lou Dobbs, who announced Wednesday that he was leaving the network.

"The program will reflect what CNN is all about: straight facts from our anchors and the widest range of opinions from across the political spectrum," Jonathan Klein, president of CNN/U.S., said in the network's statement.


Media Matters' Matt Gertz explores whether Lou Dobb's "quit or was pushed?"

In his penultimate broadcast, Lou Dobbs ran a story on White House communications director Anita Dunn's decision to leave the administration at the end of the month. In what now seems to be an ironic twist, much of the report ran over the caption, "QUIT OR PUSHED?" a question that today reporters must be asking about Dobbs himself.


It's worth noting that there's significantly more evidence that Dobbs was pushed out than that Dunn was. Dunn had drawn fire from right-wing media figures like Glenn Beck who mischaracterized Dunn's remarks about Mao -- which were similar to comments numerous conservatives have made over the years; even Ann Coulter didn't think Dunn's statements were worth attacking. Dobbs, meanwhile, was criticized by two wide-ranging coalitions -- the DropDobbs campaign, which included Media Matters, NDN, the Southern Poverty Law Center, and NCLR, among other groups, and BastaDobbs.com, a network organized by Presente.org -- in response to his long history of using his CNN platform to spread hatred, fear, and conspiracy theories. Dunn leaving the White House was long-expected and doesn't take effect until the end of the month; Dobbs leaving CNN was unanticipated and effective almost immediately -- he announced he was leaving at the top of his final broadcast, and his staff was reportedly told he was on his way out only hours before yesterday's show.

And of course, there's this little tidbit from today's New York Times: "Months ago the president of CNN/U.S., Jonathan Klein, offered a choice to Lou Dobbs ... [he] could vent his opinions on radio and anchor an objective newscast on television, or he could leave CNN."


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