Biden: Who Do You Trust? Protectors of Staus Quo or People Who Actually Know What's Going On In Our Health Care System?

Vice President Biden goes after reform opponents in a new video posted on the White House website (h/t Nulwee & via TPM):

Amidst all the noise over health insurance reform, Vice President Joe Biden asks the important question, Who Do You Trust? Lori Heim, M.D., (President, American Academy of Family Physicians) and Rebecca Patton, MSN, RN, CNOR (President, American Nurses Association) explain why doctors and nurses are calling for reform.

"When it comes to explaining what health care reform means to you, who do you trust? Do you trust the people who defend the status quo, who say you'd be better off leaving things just the way they are? Or, would you rather hear from the people who actually know something about what's going on in our health care system?"

"The status quo is simply unsustainable. But we're going to pass health care insurance reform. Doctors and nurses know that what they see every day is wrong. And they know that we're going to change it. When it comes to something as important as your health, listen to the people you trust."


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