72% Support for the Public Option

From an ABC poll released today. In it, 72% Support the public option "as called for in the House-passed version."

"The “public option” component of reform is an example of how details matter. Overall 53 percent in this poll favor a government-backed alternative to private insurance in general, a modest majority down a bit from 57 percent last month. But support rises sharply, to 72 percent, if the option is limited to people who do not receive insurance from an employer or through the existing Medicare or Medicaid programs, as called for in the House-passed version."

Abortion - People clearly don't think abortion with private fund should be limited by health care reform. Whatever fix Dems are working on in the Senate -- with regard to the Stupak amendment -- it won't be as horrible of a bill as it is right now (if it survives at all):
Views on abortion coverage also underscore how details matter. Sixty-one percent say insurance policies bought using government assistance should not be allowed to include coverage for abortions. But if the insurance companies use private funds, not public money, in providing abortion coverage – the workaround some Democrats have proposed – support for allowing that coverage gains very sharply, up 21 points to 56 percent.

Cover abortion?

Yes No
With public funds 35% 61
With private funds 56 43
Who do you TRUST MORE to handle to economy & health care reform? Republicans or Obama?
Tellingly, Americans by 2-1, 61 percent to 31 percent, say leaders of the Republican Party are mainly criticizing Obama without presenting other ideas, rather than offering alternatives to his proposals. Independents, the center of politics, hold this view by 54-37 percent. And the ranks of independents are broad: They again account for a plurality of Americans, 39 percent in this survey, while Republicans, in the tank all year, make up just 21 percent of the population.

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