100 Out of Top 100 Counties Dependent Upon Food Stamps Are in Red States.

The NY Times has a story about the huge increase in food stamps dependence and along with their story, a map and statistics of where those increases are and what counties are in the worst shapes is also provided.

As DKos' davidkc points out, "all 100 of the top 100 counties for food stamp usage are in red states. That's 100% folks. Still, you find wingnuts in the article decrying food stamps."

davidkc later amended that statement after it was pointed out that some of the counties in those red states did actually go for Obama, but that still doesn't take away from the fact that all these counties are in States that went for McCain.

davidkc continues:

Despite all these stark facts, in the article you still have conservative wingnuts decrying the food stamp program:

"Some people like to camouflage this by calling it a nutrition program, but it’s really not different from cash welfare," said Robert Rector of the Heritage Foundation, whose views have a following among conservatives on Capitol Hill. "Food stamps is quasi money."

Arguing that aid discourages work and marriage, Mr. Rector said food stamps should contain work requirements as strict as those placed on cash assistance. "The food stamp program is a fossil that repeats all the errors of the war on poverty," he said.

The article offers a few glimpses of how red-state, anti-government types can somehow rationalize their use of food stamps: they're different from most food stamp users. Unlike all those lazy folks that abuse food stamps, they use them the right way. That's the view of food-stamp recipient Greg Dawson, a third-generation electrician in rural Martinsville in Clinton County, Ohio, which went for John McCain in 2008 64%-34%.

(Dawson) works the night shift for a contracting firm, installing freezer lights in a chain of grocery stores. But when his overtime income vanished and his expenses went up, Mr. Dawson started skimping on meals to feed his wife and five children.

He tried to fill up on cereal and eggs. He ate a lot of Spam. Then he went to work with a grumbling stomach to shine lights on food he could not afford. When an outreach worker appeared at his son’s Head Start program, Mr. Dawson gave in.

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