What a difference a President makes: "U.S. Most Admired Country Globally" Thanks to Obama

This should drive the wingnuts batty. The U.S. jumped from 7th place on the list to 1st place just since Barack Obama became president. A jump that is unheard of, according to the Nation Brand Index from one year to the next.

That's what I call a major fuck you to George WMD Bush!

I'm sure the quotes from the birthers, deathers and Neo-cons will be something along the lines of, "and yet, he could even get us the Olympics!," as if the IOC -- who has had an ongoing battle with the US over television rights for the Olympic and what was surely the main obstacle in out not getting the Chicago Olympics -- is the same as people being polled across the globe.

From Reuters:

NEW YORK (Reuters Life!) – The United States is the most admired country globally thanks largely to the star power of President Barack Obama and his administration, according to a new poll.

It climbed from seventh place last year, ahead of France, Germany, the United Kingdom and Japan which completed the top five nations in the Nation Brand Index (NBI).

"What's really remarkable is that in all my years studying national reputation, I have never seen any country experience such a dramatic change in its standing as we see for the United States for 2009," said Simon Anholt, the founder of NBI, which measured the global image of 50 countries each year.

He believes that during the previous administration of George W. Bush the United States suffered in the world ranking with its unpopular foreign policies but since Obama was elected, and despite the recent economic turmoil, the country's status has risen globally.

"There is no other explanation," Anholt said in an interview, referring to the impact of Obama.

The global survey, conducted by GFK Roper Public Affairs & Media, involved 20,000 people in 20 rich and developing countries around the globe. They were asked to rate 50 nations in categories such as culture, governance, people, exports, tourism, landscape and education.

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