Unions Stand Up to Rahm: Oppose Baucus Bill

This is something I should have blogged about the other day: Unions Stand Up to Rahm: Oppose Baucus Bill (via TomP). The unions are pissed and they aren't going to let Rahm get away with screwing them, and the country.... again:

Bloomberg is reporting that 27 unions stood up to Rahm yesterday:

Twenty-seven U.S. labor unions defied White House Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel and announced their opposition to the $829 billion health-care measure passed yesterday by the Senate Finance Committee.


The unions say in a full-page newspaper advertisement today that lawmakers need to make "substantial" changes to the bill or they will urge their members to seek its defeat on the Senate floor. Emanuel asked organized labor not to go public in opposition, said Gerald McEntee, president of the American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees.

Remember NAFTA? Emanuel f..ked (to use of of his favorite words) organized labor then also.


They may have Senator Snowe. We have Richard Trumka, the Progressive Caucus, and working people. I'll take our chances.

Reid has to make a choice: Which side are you on? Working people or Snowe

TomP's piece (and history). It's worth a full read.
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