Ted Turner wants to run CNN again?

This is interesting. CNN is in the toilet both in ratings (compared to its heyday, as well as it's journalistic integrity), so it certainly couldn't hurt to have Ted Turner back at the helm.

From Reuters:
[...]Ted Turner wishes he was running Time Warner so that he could make some changes at Cartoon Network and CNN, the cable news channel he founded 19 years ago.

At CNN, he wants "less fluffy news and more international news," especially about China, Turner says in an interview set to run on Bloomberg TV on Friday. "Less talk, more news," he says.


The environment, along with population control and nuclear disarmament, have been pet projects of Turner's for decades, and he has been spending more time with those issues since retiring from media a decade ago.

But he clearly misses his former occupation. When Liu asks him if there are any media mergers he'd like to see happen, Turner responds: "I'd like to see me running Time Warner." He says later, "I'd like CNN to report to me, and the Cartoon Network."

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