Teabaggers Target Republican Senator Lindsey Graham

Teabaggers are turning on conservatives, like Senator Lindsey Graham, for not being conservative enough (ie: crazy like them). Now, I’m not one to defend Lindsay Graham, or any right-wing conservative for that matter. In fact, I think Graham is a mealy-mouthed, closeted wimp deserves to lose his seat. And while it's getting ugly out there for any rethug who dares not act delusion, paranoid and unhinged – I must admit, it’s certainly fun watching the rabid teabaggers, birthers and deathers turn on even their most conservative leaders in such a public and virulent way.

Here's Keith Olberman's coverage of this amazing turn of events:

Tea parties target Republicans

Oct. 14: Countdown’s Keith Olbermann talks about why some tea party fanatics are turning on their Republican representatives – the first causality, Senator Lindsay Graham, R-S.C.

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