Stewart: George W. Bush Hits the Creepy Low Budget Infomercial Lecture Circuit

John Stewart has a bit of fun with the new that George W. Bush was hitting the lecture circuit:

George W. Bush Hits the Lecture Circuit

George W. Bush breaks his silence to speak at the live equivalent of a creepy low budget infomercial for exercise equipment you'll never use.

Not to be left out, Stephen Colbert joins the fun:
George W. Bush's Motivational Speech

Stephen would have loved to attended George W. Bush's "Get Motivated" seminar, but he couldn't afford the $4.95 admission fee.


Damn, I forgot all about this segment from Keith Last night. The Washington Post’s Eugene Robinson joined Keith to talk/joke about Bush’s motivational speaking & his odd obsession with the show "24."
Bush spreads words of wisdumb

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