Rep. Alan Grayson Breaks Down While Reading Letters About The Uninsured Dead

This is Rep. Alan Grayson reading stories from the site http://www.NamesOfTheDead.com (video h/t GottaLaff). Grab your hankies:

Partial transcript courtesy of MinistryOfTruth:

"Ladies and Gentleman, I could go on and on and on. I have receieved hundreds upon hundreds of stories like this at this website NamesOfTheDead.com. These are the stories of America. These are the stories of the who are suffering, and people who sent us to Washington D.C. to solve their problems for them. Not to debate, not to delay, but to keep them alive.

Now, the reason why I read these stories is this; again, as Lincoln said, in talking about these people, is their loved ones who speak best for them. As Lincoln said at the Gettysberg address; "It is far beyond my poor power to add or detract, rather, it is for the living to be dedicated here for the unfinished work for which these people have died.", and that, my friends, is the unfinished work of Universal Health Care in America. That is our unfinished work. And I look forward to a day that I hope wil come very soon, not soon enough for all these people, all these people who've died, but a day to come very soon when there will be no more stories like this, when there will be no more names to add to the website NamesOfTheDead.com, and for Gods' Sake, I look forward to a time when we will have finally done our jobs."

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