Pollster: The GOP Brand Is Shit Going Into 2010

Pollster.com's By Brendan Nyhan looks at recent polling a little more closely that the main stream media pundiks have, and when comes to 2010 and the possibility of the GOP regaining control of the house or Senate, let's just say it's perhaps a tad too early for Republican's to be celebrating:

How weak is the Republican brand right now? This issue came up yesterday when a Media Matters criticized The Hill for failing to mention the GOP's poor polling numbers in a story on the 2010 elections. Similarly, I recently suggested that that the damaged Republican brand might limit the number of seats that the party picks up. But is the party really worse off than previous opposition parties at this point in the election cycle?

[...] the Pew data show that the Republicans are currently viewed more negatively than any minority party in the previous four midterms in terms of both net favorables and the difference in net favorables between parties.


In short, there's no question that the GOP party brand is in worse shape than any opposition party in recent memory. The question, however, is whether this difference in party valence will (a) persist through next November and (b) translate into fewer GOP House seats at the polls [...]


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