Pew Poll Shocker: Fox News Is Conservative!

Pew has a new poll out with some surprising results: Fox 'news" is viewed as being the most ideological compared to the other big cable news networks. I know! Whodathunk it?!

What TPM's Eric Kleefeld wants to know is who are the 14% who think Fox is TOO LIBERAL??

In a shocking poll result, a new Pew survey finds that Fox News is viewed as being the most ideologically oriented of the big three cable news channels.

Fox is viewed as being conservative by 47% of Americans, as liberal by 14% (Who are these people???), and as being neither by 24%. CNN is viewed as conservative by 11%, liberal by 37%, and neither by 33%. MSNBC is seen as conservative by 11% (Again: Who are these people???), liberal by 36%, and neither by 27%.

The poll also finds that the view of Fox as being conservative is shared across groups of people who watch different networks. However, people who watch Fox are more likely to view the other networks as being liberal.

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