Pay Attention Dems: Majority Prefers Dem-Only Bill w/ Public Option to Bipartisan Bill w/out One

Make no mistake about it Democrats, there will be serious consequences if the Health Care Reform bill that gets signed into laws is a bonanza from the health insurance industry as opposed to real reform bonanza for the average American.

So far, it doesn't seem you're reading the teas leaves correctly.

You haven't gotten it into your thick heads that people want the CHOICE of a public option (whether they want it for themselves or not).

And now, with this Research2000 poll from Daily Kos, it seems a majority of people prefers a Dem-only bill with that Public Option rather than a "bipartisan" bill without one:

QUESTION: Do you favor or oppose creating a government administered health insurance option that anyone can purchase to compete with private insurance plans?
QUESTION: Which of the following scenarios do you prefer/ do you prefer? (ROTATED): Getting a health care bill with the choice of a strong public health insurance option to compete with private insurance plans that's supported only by Democrats in Congress, OR Getting a health care bill with no public option that has the support of Democrats and a handful of Republicans?

QUESTION: If a candidate for public office opposed a public health insurance option to compete with private insurance plans, would that make you more or less likely to vote for that candidate or would it have no real effect on your vote?

Continue to ignore these polls at your peril.

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