NY Times Calls Out FOX "Newsman" John Stossel For Speaking At Political Anti-Health Reform Event

The NY Times, isn't wasting any time calling out members of FOX "News" for crossing the journalistic line by participating in the very event they are also covering.

John Stossel, the newest star of the Fox Business Network, is also starring this week at a series of events orchestrated by opponents of a Democratic health care overhaul.

John Stossel of Fox will speak in three cities in Arkansas.

On Thursday Mr. Stossel is expected to speak at three forums hosted by Americans for Prosperity, a conservative advocacy group, in three Arkansas cities. The group’s Web site says Mr. Stossel and others will “debate solutions and discuss the dangers of government-forced health care” at the forums.

The unusual appearances come at a time when the sister network to Fox Business, the Fox News Channel, is facing fierce criticism from the White House and its allies. In recent days critics have leaped on Mr. Stossel’s speaking engagements as the latest evidence of conservative bias on the part of Fox, a unit of the News Corporation. The Obama administration has cast the network as a part of the political opposition.

On a seprate but similar note, CNN's own partisan hack, Campbell Brown, asked Senior Obama adviser Valerie Jarret if FOX news was biased. "Of course they are," she answered!

Unfortunately, when Brown tried to get her to say the same about MSNBC, she backtracked.

While other might focus on the backtracking, I'm focusing on how Brown blew a great opportunity to stick it to FOX. She should have left well enough alone and not tried to take a shot at MSNBC too, considering CNN is on par with them.
But no, she tried to go after MSNBC in an attempt to make it look as if CNN was the only real news channel in cable town. Dumb, Dumb. Dumb. No wonder her show is in fourth place, behind even CNN's sister network, Headline News.

Via TPM:

Senior Obama adviser Valerie Jarrett entered the White House vs. Fox News fray in an interview broadcast yesterday with CNN's Campbell Brown. Asked by Brown whether Fox News is biased, Jarrett said, "Well of course they're biased. Of course they are." Then she laughed.

Then Brown asked whether Jarrett also thinks MSNBC is biased. Jarrett backtracked.

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