New Rechargeable Zinc-Air Battery 3x Energy of Lithium Ion (Safer Too)

I don't pretend to understand this stuff, so I'll keep my thoughts to myself on this one. Well, except to say this is cool.

From DKos' FishOutofWater:

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Three times the power for half the price. That's the promise of new rechargeable Zinc-air batteries with three times the (mass) energy density of Lithium ion batteries. The new technology looks like a big step forward for power storage for uses for electronic applications such as laptop batteries. Moreover, it has potential to extend the time before recharge of electric cars and off the grid solar systems. Zn-air batteries were previously not rechargeable because the electrodes tended to dry out or short out by the formation of elongated crystals. The new technology uses multiple engineered layers to contain and control the electrochemical reaction so it can go through over 100 charge/discharge cycles. How much over 100 cycles is not yet shown.

read the full, very technical piece by FishOutofWater...

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