My New Blog Banner & A Special Thanks To Jason Leopold

Just in case you didn't notice, I have a new blog banner!! Well, it's not just new, it's also my first blog banner. I was using text in the banner location up until this new addition, which wouldn't have happened without the help of a blogger & journalist friend, Jason Leopold.

I'd like to thank Jason for the unbelievably generous offer to have it made for me. Jason's news blog, The Public Record, is one of my favorites. I have it feeding into my blog list over to the right & into my twitter thread. He does some pretty incredible work. I guess Karma is a boomerang. I feel lucky to know people I've met over these here internetS-- and who's work I greatly admire -- go out of their way to offer up their contacts & resources for to help improve my own blog.

So, stop over and say hello to him on twitter @JasonLeopold. Follow him, follow his site @ThePublicRecord too, and be sure to bookmark his news site, The Public Record:

Thank you, Jason!

I completely forgot to send a shout out to Bryan, the actual designer! Thank you Bryan! I hope I was too much of a pain in the ass!
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