A Message From Congressman Weiner

Countdowntohealthcare.com is a new project of Congressman Anthony Weiner's. He described it on Thursday's Countdown w/ Keith Olbermann in segment on the Public Option, "Democrats only have themselves to blame", and Senate Democrats who are standing in the way:

Here's what the site says & he asks everyone to do:
Now that the Senate Finance Committee has finished its work, there are now five versions of health care reform that have to be merged into a final version. Four other committees – three in the House of Representatives and one other in the Senate – have passed bills that include a public option to give consumers choice and give insurance companies competition.

So if you were in charge of merging five bills and 80% of them had one element in common, doesn’t it stand to reason that the final product would have it? Common sense may take a back seat to raw politics here.

I’ll keep you posted on the negotiations, but one thing is certain – if Americans stand up and speak up for a public option, my colleagues and the President will hear the call. More than 30,000 have signed their names to the public option petition drive. Add your name. Tell your friends. Heck, you can even tell your enemies. I’m sure they want choice and competition too.

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