Lieberman FLAT OUT LIED About The Public Option On FOX "News"

Joe Lieberman FLAT OUT LIED about the public option and since it was on FOX "news" today. I guess you could say it was the appropriate forum for it, but boy does this fucker have nerve.

From Think Progress:

This afternoon, Sen. Joe Lieberman (I-CT) appeared on Fox News to defend his intention to filibuster any health care reform bill that includes a national public option. Lieberman argued that a public plan would “stifle” the economic recovery and increase “the debt.” “It’s just unnecessary,” Lieberman said. The public option is “a new entitlement program and the taxpayers and the premium-payers are going to end up paying for it, or else the debt will go higher.”

Responding to proponents of the public plan who argue that it would actually lower costs, Lieberman insisted that if the public option paid lower reimbursement rates than private insurers, medical providers would shift costs to Americans with private coverage:

Think Progress also explains why this is an outright lie...

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