Lawrence O’Donnell & Rachel Maddow Absolutely DESTROY Little Dick Cheney (Liz)

Both Lawrence O’Donnell & Rachel Maddow absolutely DESTROY Little Dick Cheney for attacking President Obama with lies about his honoring the war dead at Dover Air Base.

Lawrence O’Donnell (substituting or Keith On Countdown):

Liz Cheney takes the low road

Oct. 30: Richard Wolffe, MSNBC political analyst and senior strategist at Public Strategies, discusses Liz Cheney lying in an effort to smear President Obama's visit to the Dover Air Base to salute the returning war dead. Also discussed are the newly released FBI notes from Dick Cheney's interview on the Valerie Plame leak.

Rachel Maddow:
For Liz Cheney, truth is optional

Oct. 30: Rachel Maddow reviews Liz Cheney's historically weak grasp of facts, leading to her most recent effort to smear President Obama with falsehoods about his honoring U.S. war dead.

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