Keith Olbermann's Full Hour Special Comment on Health Care Reform (VIDEOS)

When I get upset, anxious, excited, I clean.  5 minutes into Keith Olbermann's full, 1 hour "Special Comment" episode on health care reform -- I didn't get to watch it until this afternoon. -- I pulled out my Swffer Duster & the Windex.  My apartment is spotless.

I don't have much to say other than I am truly ashamed of this country in how it's treats average citizens, and I'm am terribly  honored to be fighting for real health care reform along side someone like Keith... and all of you other health care reform advocates of the non-cable news kind.

Here's the full episode. Without commercials, it run about 45 minutes.  It's really worth watching it. 

Oct. 7: In a Special Comment Hour, Countdown’s Keith Olbermann explains how the American health care system is broken and why it’s so important that the government steps in to fix it. Watch the full hour here.

If you prefer to view in its various parts.

Part 1:

Oct. 7: In a Special Comment Hour, Countdown’s Keith Olbermann points out that there is no higher human priority than health and therefore no more basic government responsibility than ensuring the care of its citizens.

Part 2:

Oct. 7: Countdown’s Keith Olbermann warns that America is actually getting worse at addressing the health concerns of its citizens and is on track to surpass even the tragic conditions of Dickensian England.

Part 3:

Oct. 7: Countdown’s Keith Olbermann outlines how the current American health insurance system is so much more focused on making money than making Americans healthy that in some cases companies actually benefit when their employees die.

Part 4:

Oct. 7: Countdown’s Keith Olbermann presents a personal perspective on the pain of illness and the difficulties of end-of-life decision making - physical and emotional pain worlds away from the insulting "death panels" debate.

Part 5:

Oct. 7: Countdown’s Keith Olbermann outlines his intention to show his support for American health reform by donating to the National Associations of Free Clinics to offer a free clinic every week in the capitol cities of the states of the six senators standing in the way of health reform in the Senate. Details for viewer participation to come.

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