Joe Cook Progresses a Nation

I'd also like to thank another citizen journo/blogger friend of mine who offered to add my new banner into a rotating ad on his progressive news blog.

Joe Cook is someone I met on Digg and whose work at Progressive Nation I also greatly admired. It is, like several other blogs I appreciate, also fed into my twitter thread.

It's all about aggregating news from a progressive viewpoint -- hence my blog tag line -- and I know Joe works hard at work doing the same. Promoting bloggers and articles that further the progressive agenda is his top priority, which is why I like him so much.

Here's a screen shot with my banner at the top right. Very cool, Joe! Thank you! Click on it to visit Progressive Nation:

Progressive Nation is another blog you guy should be bookmarking. You can also follow @ProgressiveNT on twitter to keep up with his latest.

Thanks again for offering to do this, Joe!

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