If Bill Kristol Doesn't Like Chuck Hagel, Then President Obama *Must* Hire Him

Bill pulled out his Kristol ball to announce to Hugh Hewitt that he is very worried about rumors he is hearing about Sec. Robert Gates retiring next and that President's Obama's choice to replace him might just be former Republican Senator, Chuck Hagel.

Whether or not this come to pass, the mere fact the Kristol is already attacking Hagel says to me the President must seriously consider hiring him, if Kristol's ball is wrong and he hasn't been considering him already.

From Think Progress:

Yesterday, Foreign Policy Initiative co-founder Bill Kristol appeared on Hugh Hewitt’s radio show, where he said that he now believes “for the first time that he will not accept General McChrystal’s recommendation in Afghanistan.” “I really worry now about the next few years to a degree and in a way that I really hadn’t before,” said Kristol.

When Hewitt asked him if a resignation by one of Obama’s top foreign policy advisers “would mobilize public opinion” against Obama’s decisions, Kristol said “it would help.” He added that he had “just heard this morning from someone who’s been in touch with people in the administration, a foreign gentleman who deals with this government, that people are talking about Secretary Gates leaving at the end of the year, and being replaced by Chuck Hagel.” Hewitt and Kristol then took the opportunity to attack Hagel:

KRISTOL: People are talking about Secretary Gates leaving at the end of the year, and being replaced by Chuck Hagel…


KRISTOL: Yeah, exactly, as Secretary of Defense. I think that’s quite a plausible rumor, and a very worrisome one, because he is an advocate of retreat everywhere, I think.

HEWITT: Yeah, it’s sort of neoisolationism replacing neoconservatism as the driving intellectual force behind the intellectuals on either side.

Don't even bother to update your resume, Sen. Hagel. Just pack your bags.

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