HOAX: Chamber of Commerce Backs Climate Change Bill‎ (UPDATED)

Reuters first reported (h/t JML9999):

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - The Chamber of Commerce said on Monday it will no longer opposes climate change legislation, but wants the bill to include a carbon tax.

The Chamber said it changed its position after several big companies left the group to protest the chamber's earlier opposition to legislation to cut U.S. greenhouse gas emissions.


Alas, it was a hoax.

It now reads:

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - A Chamber of Commerce spokesman said on Monday that a statement put out earlier by another group that the Chamber no longer opposed climate change legislation was a "hoax."

(Reporting by Tom Doggett)


TPM: Yes Men, Activist Group, Teamed Up On Chamber HoaxDamn, it was a hoax.

[...]The Chamber of Commerce hoax was perpetrated by the Yes Men, in tandem with a group of activists known as the Avaaz Action Factory.

Yes Man Andy Bichlbaum showed up at the 11am press conference that had earlier been announced by a "Chamber of Commerce" press release, and, impersonating a Chamber executive, declared:


The Avaaz Action Factory (AAF) is affiliated with Avaaz, an international progressive activist organization. David Sievers, an organizer with the group, told TPMmuckraker that the thinking behind this morning's stunt developed out of "ideas being thrown around" in discussions between AAF, the Yes Men, and BeyondTalks.net, another activist group calling for action on global warming.

"The U.S. Chamber of Commerce is a parody of itself in running circles around its own position on climate," said Sievers. "So Yes Men took the opportunity to parody them."


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