The Hits Just Keep On Coming for NJ GOPer Gov Candidate Chris Christie

Earlier today, I blogged about how this video could "sink the already sinking campaign of NJ Republican Candidate for Governor, Chris Christie.

Well, I might have been wrong. It just might be these two videos. Both are news reports on how Christie has said he'd loosen expenditure limits on state employee travel expenses, first implement by Gov. Corzine, for his closest advisers.

Keep in mind that this guy who was just caught with own hotel expenditures far exceeding what was allowed under federal guildines while he was US Attorney for NJ under the Bush Adminstration.

Chris Christie is having a very bad week.

Videos via Rosi in NJ:

The man on the street interviews are brutal. News 12:

Over at Channel 11, they're saying:

read more of thess details from Rosi in NJ...

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