Health Care Ad Targets GOP Sen. John Ensign on "Public Option"

Hinting at the trouble philandering Republican Senator John Ensign (AZ) is having over his recently disclosed affair and purported attempts to pay the family off for their silence, Health Care for America Now has released a new pro-public option health care ad in his home state of Nevada.

From the Las Vegas Sun (h/t GottaLaff):

Republican Sen. John Ensign is unlikely to vote for the health care reform legislation making its way through Congress, but he is being hit with TV ads this week that target his opposition to a possible public plan option.

The ads begin today and will run for a week in Las Vegas and Reno. They hint at Ensign’s disclosed affair and suggest a link between the senator’s opposition to the health reform bill and the more than $800,000 he has received in health insurance industry campaign contributions.

“Why did John Ensign side with the insurance companies instead of us?” the ad says. “Follow the money.

The $110,000 ad buy comes from Health Care for America Now, an umbrella organization that supports including the public plan option as part of health care reform.

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