Headzup Triple Feature: Savage v Beck, Oprah v Palin & Obama Addresses Rape as a Pre-Existing Condition

Last week, Think Progress reported that Michael Savage says Glenn Beck does a ‘reasonably good job copying people who are brighter than him.’

Enter headzup:

Michael Savage Attacks Glenn Beck

Michael Savage attacks fellow radio host Glenn Beck, says he's copying people brighter than he is, takes ideas without giving credit.

Also, CBS reported that Harpo Productions announced that Sarah Palin will appear on "The Oprah Winfrey Show" on Monday, Nov. 16.

Enter headzup:
Oprah Winfrey Interviews Sarah Palin

A preview clip from the upcoming Oprah Winfrey / Sarah Palin interview to promote Palin's new book, Going Rogue.

Finally, it was reported that woman were being denied health care because they were raped, had C-sections or were victims of domestic violence, as were children for being too fat.

Enter headzup:
Health Care Denied For Rape, C Section, Baby Being Fat

President Obama is asked about how he won't demand a public option despite the fact that women are denied after being raped, or having a c section. Or how a baby was denied for being too fat, and another for being too skinny.

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