Texas Gov. Rick Perry (R) Is In The Crapper

Short story: Texas put an innocent man to death in 2004 for the arson deaths of his wife & children and when a government panel was about to open an investigation into the states handling of the case, it's nutter Governor, Rick secession Perry replaced three of the eight panel's member, with three his own cronies, who then helped kill the investigation.

It's the cover-up that will bring the player down, and that's exactly what Perry has insured for himself.

First, DKos' Setrak reported on a CNN Newsroom segment about the case (CNN smells blood):

On Sunday's CNN Newsroom, one segment was described as the title suggests. The segment was on Texas Governor Rick Perry and it was very far from flattering. If you don't know about "Willingham-Gate", here is a good summary brought to you by the progressive-and-Texan Burnt Orange Report.

Beyond the tragedy of a man being wrongly executed for the fire that took his family, the big story is the cover-up. Like many foolish politicians and leaders before him, Governor Rick Perry over-reached and got caught red-handed for it.

He's done for.

The CNN segment is significant for the following reasons;

1: It notes that there was evidence that was ultimately ignored before Willingham's execution that made the case for his innocence.
2: It noted that the commission's report was due out right before the primary-election against Senator Kay Bailey Hutchison.
3: It noted that the new head of the commission is a "political ally" to Rick Perry.

In other words, CNN has gotten enough of a whiff.


Then, CNN's Anderson Cooper 360 did a full segment on it (via News1News):
From CNN: Texas Governor Rick Perry Covering Up Innocent Man's [Cameron Todd Willingham] Execution? (10/02/09):

And now, ABC's Nightline, did their albeit short follow-up piece (via stopexecutions):
ABC Nightline Report on Shocking Development in Rick Perry Cover Up

An investigation into claims that faulty evidence led Texas to execute a man in 2004 was at a crucial point when the states governor replaced three of its members this week, one of the three said Thursday.
Gov. Rick Perrys shake-up of the Texas Forensic Science Commission came two days before it was to hear from the author of a scathing report in the case of Cameron Todd Willingham. That Friday session has been postponed indefinitely in the wake of Perrys new appointments.

Willingham was put to death for killing his three daughters in a fire that arson investigators said had been deliberately set.

Yet death-penalty opponents say an impartial review of the case could lead to an unprecedented admission — that the state executed an innocent man.
According to DKos' Setrak, it was The New Yorker story, "Trial by Fire: Did Texas execute an innocent man?" that really "got this ball rolling."

This thing is steamrolling and it's going to crush Gov. Rick Perry. It's only a matter of time.

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