Got Prostitute Questions? Call (202) 224-4623

Sen David diaper-Dave Vitter is the last person that should be casting judgment on anyone for a prostitution scandal.

A public service announcement from AndyCobb:

Now me, I don't care who sleeps with our politicians.

Honestly, I couldn't care less. If it calms them down enough to make some decent policy decisions, let 'em sleep with all the prostitutes they want. Hell, let's get them some government sponsored prostitutes. Why not? Let's subsidize sex workers to soothe the raging libidos of our wildly oversexed legislators. At last, a stimulus package the Senate can get behind. We can call it the "pubic option."

But hypocrisy is a special kind of gall. If Senator Vitter is so outraged by the ACORN prostitution scandal, surely he doesn't mind talking about his own.


So as long as the self-proclaimed "most outspoken critic of ACORN" is sitting in judgement of prostitute consultations, let's benefit from his real world experience. Call up Senator Vitter's office, ask him all your questions vis-a-vis hooker management services. If the topic is important enough to deny services to the most underserved communities in America, it's important enough for him to address directly.


Ask him all about it: (202) 224-4623.
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