GOP Sen. Lisa Murkowski Open To Supporting "Cap & Trade"

Conservative Senator Lisa Murkowski, said she would consider voting for the Democrats "cap and trade" climate change Legislation. That should go over well with rethug base (birthers, deathers, Rushers, Beckers):

From the AP (via TPM):

"Count me as one of those who will keep my mind open as we move forward," said Murkowski, the senior Republican on the Senate energy panel and a member of her party's leadership.

Murkowski's remarks came after her fellow conservative, Senator Lindsey Graham, published a column in The New York Times with liberal Senator John Kerry, in which they vowed to work together to advance legislation tackling global warming.

In signaling her willingness to work on a bill, Murkowski said Democrats must include tangible incentives for building nuclear power plants and stepping up domestic oil drilling, offshore and on land. It has got to be "more than just window dressing," she warned.


Asked about the Kerry-Graham column, Murkowski said, "It's a good indicator that perhaps the conversation is changing."

As the senior senator from Alaska, Murkowski acknowledged problems that could be linked to climate change.

"When you see changes to the land coming about ... what is causing the loss of the sea ice that adds to the erosion issues, yes, in Alaska we are seeing change," she said. "That's why I have been one of those Republicans who has stepped out front a little bit more on the issue of climate change."

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