Glenn Beck: The Chalk & Chart Linky Game

Glenn Beck likes to play with chalk boards in his veiled attempts to create conspiracies where they don't exist. I'd imagine the use of chalk boards is an attempts to simplify his (even for FOX) over the top propaganda for the simpleton's who watch his show and believe in the snake oil he is trying to sell them.

Media Matters decides to play along. And, they're links happen to be real.

The Glenn Beck chart

Glenn Beck's affinity for chalkboard diagrams charting out the frequently illusory "connections" in the growing liberal conspiracy to undermine America is well-documented. In that spirit, Media Matters for America has explored Beck's links to the extremist, unhinged, and sometimes paranoid people and groups that inhabit the world of right-wing political activism and laid them out in a Beck-style chart, but with two key differences: these connections actually exist, and they were spell-checked.

(click image for larger pic)

read what all the link actually mean....

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