FOX's John Stossel Tears Into CNN's Xenophobic Lou Dobbs; Dobbs Tries to Return Serve (UPDATED)

"If it means the Lou Dobbs-kind of rants about immigrants wrecking America, I don’t subscribe to that. I think immigrants by and large do good things for America."
John Stossel on Glenn Beck's Oct 21st, 2009 Radio Show
Fox newest troglodyte, John Stossel, went after CNN's resident anti-immigrant, Xenophobe-in-Chief, Lou Dobbs, before the ink was even dry in his first paycheck (via Think Progress):
The network’s newest addition, John Stossel, issued some scathing criticisms of Dobbs in a radio interview today with fellow Fox colleague Glenn Beck. Stossel indicated that he doesn’t support conservatives like Dobbs who rail on immigrants. Beck asked Stossel whether he is willing to “throw his vote away” and not vote for a Republican. Stossel firmly held that if “conservative means stop all immigration and some other things that conservatives say,” then he will not vote Republican. Listen:

Lou Dobbs’ rants include promoting the “Aztlan” conspiracy theory about Mexican immigrants trying to reconquer portions of the American southwest, falsely claiming that immigrants are bringing leprosy to the US, and musing about whether President Obama himself is an “undocumented” immigrant.
Dobbs answers Stossel, albeit weakly, with this childish, blathering of name calling and foot stomping:

Dobbs on Fox Business' "Self important ass" John Stossell's "myopic idiocy"

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Looks like Geraldo Rivera is getting in on the act. He just ripped Dobbs as well, relaying the assurances he received from his Bosses at FOX that they are NOT hiring him, contrary to news reports (also via Think Progress):
Speaking at a luncheon sponsored by the Spanish newspaper El Diario La Prensa on Thursday, Fox News host Geraldo Rivera said, “One of the aspects of our reality in the United States now is the defamatory tone of the immigration debate and how that immigration debate has slandered an entire race of people.” Rivera proceeded to lay much of the blame at the feet of CNN’s Lou Dobbs [...]

[...] Rivera said in his speech that he was so opposed to Dobbs joining Fox News that he called his boss and received assurance that the network was not going to hire the CNN host:

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CBS NY's Lou Young had the best description for this nutter infighting: Cable Cretin Cannibalism

Lou Dobbs has now responded to Geraldo Rivera's blistering attack:
THINK PROGRESS:  Lou Dobbs Slams ‘Vile Stupidity And Ignorance’ Of ‘Annoying’ Geraldo Rivera
This afternoon, Lou Dobbs attacked Fox News host Geraldo Rivera for stating that Dobbs himself is “almost single-handedly responsible for creating, for being the architect of the young-Latino-as-scapegoat for everything that ails this country.” While Rivera accuses Dobbs of defaming an entire race of people, Dobbs insists that he loves immigrants and Latinos and claims that his accusations are nothing but a reflection of Rivera’s “stupidity” and the company of “ethnocentric left-wing activists” that he keeps:

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