Fox News' War on *This* White House Began On January 20, 2009

Who's war on who? Media Matters has compiled a new video montage which show that Fox "news" declared war on the White House (& not the other way around) only hours after the president was inaugurated.

From Media Matters for America

Following the White House's exposure of Fox News as a partisan political operation, as opposed to a credible news network, Glenn Beck and Sean Hannity have claimed that the "warmongers" in the Obama administration have "declared war" and have their "missiles pointed right at Fox." But, as Media Matters' video and research demonstrates, it is Fox News that has been waging a partisan political war against the White House since Inauguration Day, and while doing so, revealing both its disdain for journalistic standards and its all-consuming political agenda -- qualities that differentiate Fox News from any credible news organization.

Read more details here: Fox News' War
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