Fox "News" Poll: 58% STILL Blame Bush for Economy

Well this is a shocker. If you thought with all the teabagging, 9/12 protests, town hall mobs, and these nutters are screaming about Obama turning our country into a socialist state, that rage would have convinced people that the economic problems were having were Obama's doing, you'd be wrong.

From David Weigel at The Washington Independent:

Here’s a somewhat surprising result from the new Fox News poll. Asked which president is “more responsible for the current state of the economy,” only 18 percent say President Obama. Fifty-eight percent say former President George W. Bush. Nine percent blame both of them. Republicans are the only subgroup of voters who blame Obama, and only by a six-point margin of 35 percent to 29 percent.

What’s striking about this is that the numbers have only marginally gotten worse for President Obama in the three months since Fox News last asked this question. In July, it was 16 percent who blamed Obama and 61 percent who blamed Bush. That is, needless to say, not what Fox News viewers hear when they tune into the network. But it’s essential to understanding why the president remains popular and why Republicans are failing to really capitalize on economic gloom.

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