Fire State Senator Hiram Monserrate, NY!

Meet Senator Hiram Monserrate. This was him as he was arrested after smashing/breaking a glass into his girlfriend's face.

As a NYer, this has been sickening to watch. How Democrats in the NYS Senate haven't come out demanded he reisgn -- forced him to resign -- already, is beyond me.

For one thing, the man is mentality unstable:
"I suffer with adjustment disorder with mixed anxiety and depression, and posttraumatic stress disorder," Monserrate wrote in 1999.
For another, he was part of the duo of Democratic State Senators (the other being Sen. Pedro Espada) who last summer, left the Democratic caucus, joining the Republicans', in order to stop Democrats from bringing the Gay Marriage bill to a vote, throwing the NY State Senate into chaos for over a month.

Via NYBri:

Earlier this week, Senator Hiram Monserrate was convicted of assaulting his girlfriend with a broken glass and slashing her face, causing a deep, muscle cutting wound.

In great New York political tradition, he got off with a misdemeanor....a felony conviction would have resulted in his immediate dismissal from the Senate. Alas, that didn't happen.

Seems that the guys' conviction has pissed off a lot of people. After all, no one wants a convicted domestic violence criminal sitting on the floor of the NYS Senate, passing laws, having staff fired and all that.


Collecting as many signatures as possible at FireMonserrate.com. We will then make a big stink and deliver the petition to Monserrate's office and the to the Leadership of both the Majority and Minority of the Senate.

Twitter hashtag - #firemonserrate if you're so inclined.

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