Far-Right Activist Launches Nancy Pelosi And Harry Reid "Burn In Hell!" Contest

Lovely.  Keep in mid this is the lunatic who, along with Bill O'Reilly, who's witch hunt resulted in the vilent murder of Dr. George Tiller, who was gunned down at his church -- by a operation resuce disiple -- for the abortion service he provided at his woman's health clinic..

Via Think Progress:

One of the most notorious far-right activists is Randall Terry, who founded the organization Operation Rescue, a radical anti-choice group. In the past, Terry has warned that he and his followers would engage in terrorism unless Congress excludes funding for abortions in health care legislation, launched a “Defeat Sotomayor” campaign that depicted the Supreme Court judge as a skull-faced killer, and used the occasion of the assassination of George Tiller to declare that the doctor, who performed abortions, was a mass murderer.

In his latest attempt to drive attention to his hate-filled agenda, Terry has launched a contest to encourage people to make videos burning House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) and Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-NV) in effigy.


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