Calling MSNBC "The Left's Equivalent of FOX" is Simply Ridiculous (UPDATED)

Greg Sargent explains why the comparison/meme that MSNBC is the left's equivalent of FOX is just ridiculous:

...it’s plainly obvious that there’s a much brighter line between reporting and commentary at MSNBC than there is at Fox.

Consider MSNBC’s daytime content. Morning Joe is hardly a liberal program. Throughout the day you get lots of reporting and commentary from Chuck Todd and David Shuster. Todd fits squarely in the “nonpartisan Beltway analyst” category. Shuster? Sure, he’s aggressive in debunking conservative attack lines, but agree with him or not, Shuster calls them as he sees them on the facts, and he’s fundamentally a reporter.

More to the point is MSNBC’s news judgment throughout the day, which contrasts sharply with that of Fox. You’d be hard pressed to argue that MSNBC’s choice of stories to report on is as ideologically driven as Fox’s editorial choices. There’s simply no equivalent on the MSNBC news side of Fox’s constant “news” coverage of the tea partiers, the czars, the ACORN story, the crusade against gay education adviser Kevin Jennings, etc. etc. The point is that Fox’s news judgment is far more ideologically motivated than MSNBC’s is.


Greg also points to two of my favorite Media Matters videos as proof you can't compare the two. MSNBC does NOT behave like this:
Fox "News" vs. Fox "Opinion"

Fox News: A 24/7 Political Operation

As Markos says, "MSNBC will be like Fox News when Olbermann anchors its midday programming, and Fox gives its three-hour morning show to Phil Donahue."
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