Bachem Macuno's "Letters to President Obama from Kids of Teabaggers"

Bachem Macuno, author of, "I Fuck Ann Coulter In The Ass, Hard" and George Bush's Diary," sent me a link to his latest piece, Letters to President Obama from Kids of Teabaggers.

He had a little fun with Bill Adler's 'Kid's Letters to the President' using instead, as he said in his email to me, "children of Beck's slobberhead zombie army, the teabaggers" as his sources.

Here's a sample, but you should really click over and read it in its entirety.

Dear President Obama:

Greetings from Tulsa! I hope it is pretty where you are.

I would like you as President if you made a law to give me a horse. I
know you can't give everyone a horse but if you can then I call 'first!'
Also, could you please grow a small little moustache about an inch
wide so my mommy doesn't have to spend so much time drawing it in
on her signs?


Britney (Age 8)


Dear Mr. Obama:

This Summer I went to camp and it was outstanding! We did art
and hiking and there was a rope swing by the lake. Is this what the FEMA
camps you're going to herd us into will be like? If it is then you don't
have to do it at gunpoint the way grandpa says you're gonna--I'll be
itching to go!

Packing my bags!
Shane (Age 11)


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