ATTENTION: New Commenting System Has Been Implemented On My Blog

I've installed the more flexible Disqus commenting system into the blog. It will give me more choices in commenting preferences and it will hopefully make participating in the comment threads -- with each other -- much easier.

You'll be able to sign in using your Disqus, Twitter, Yahoo & OpenID accounts. If you don't have one of these , please sign up for Disqus & confirm your email when they send you the link so that you can continue to comment on the blog.

Let me know if any of you have a problem by sending me an email through the comment link in my profile to the right.

Of course, you can always post as a guest without signing up, but you will still have to verify your email address.


Ooooohhhh. There's a pre-approve feature so that a people I know don't have to have their comments moderated each time after approving the first one! This is great for you regulars & friends I know personally!

Me like.
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