Angry Films Video: Net Neutrality and You - Why McCain Sucks...

Another great video from Angry Films Production. This time they take Grandpa McCain & his idiocy in fighting against Net Neutrality:

Net Neutrality and You - Why McCain Sucks...

*AFO... does not posses any kill-yourself-pills, We suggest you seek the advice of a psychiatrist What is Internet Neutrality? Well to put it quite simply it's all that's good with the internet. The guys of AFO believe strongly that isps should keep their gold digger hands to themselves and respect the rights of the surfer. Also John McCain is a douchebag that is trying to regulate something he doesn't even understand.

More about Angry Films Production:
Angry Films investigates is a miniseries produced by Angry Films Productions. Angry Films Investigates uncovers and tears apart some of our times biggest scams. You don't have to thank us, all we ask is that you listen and become aware of the truth.

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