VISUAL DELIGHT: Glenn Beck's Ad Dollars Crater in Wake of Boycott

I've already done a post on this (see here), but for some reason, this graph from Gawker made me very happy and made me want to do another:

Color of Change's release doesn't say where it got that data, but we've been told the source and shown the raw data on the condition that we don't reveal where it came from: a well-known firm that tracks advertising revenue and sells its proprietary data. The firm monitors advertising on shows and uses rate-cards, ratings information, and its own industry contacts to estimate how much advertisers paid for each spot. While the firm sometimes performs analysis for the media, it generally doesn't like its proprietary information becoming public, which is why Color of Change won't let anyone say where it came from. While the numbers are only estimates and can't really account for the sorts of deals networks make with advertisers all the time, the firm is respected and regularly used as a best-guess estimate of ad revenue.

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