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Stephen Colbert: The Word - Blackwashing (Video): Prevent your valid criticisms of Barack Obama from being unfairly associated with racism by putting on a little blackwashing.

TPM: Anti-Obama Group Rolls Out New Birther Informercial In 7 States - If you need a good belly laugh!

Think Progress: Mt. Vernon city council distances itself from mayor’s ‘Glenn Beck Day.’ - Too little, too late. It's still gonna sting your town, people.

HuffPo: SNL Mocks Glenn Beck For Conspiracy Theories, Lack Of Sanity (VIDEO): SNL's Weekend Update took on President Obama's decision to exclude Fox News from his Sunday media tour last night. Despite granting interviews to ABC, NBC, CBS, CNN, and Univision he left Fox off his roster prompting Chris Wallace to call the White House "crybabies." During a long (and generally funny) opening sketch, SNL touched on one of the many reasons the president may have chosen to skip Fox on his media tour: Glenn Beck.

Daily Kos: Michael Moore has his way with Wolf Blitzer again - Watch Moore abuse Blitzer. He makes it look SO easy too.

HuffPO: Watch Michael Moore Also Call Out ABC's Labor Practices Live On Good Morning America!

TPM: Paul Kirk Sworn In As Interim Senator From Massachusetts! We now have 60 vote - 60 filibuster proof votes.

Countdown: Worst Person in the World: Fox News' Glenn Beck demonstrates his ignorance about the U.S. Constitution by thinking a passage about the cost of importing slaves is the price of admission to the United States.

Think Progress: Uninsured 22-Year-Old Boehner Constituent Dies From Swine Flu: A 22-year-old woman from Oxford, Ohio, died from swine flu on Wednesday. Kimberly Young graduated from Miami University in December and continued to live in Oxford, Ohio, within Minority Leader John Boehner’s congressional distrct. Reports now indicate that after initially getting sick, Young put off treatment because she was uninsured...

Media Matters: Does Glenn Beck support the slave trade or is he just an "idiot"?: In a chapter in his new book purporting to explain to "idiots" what "our Founding Fathers really intended," Glenn Beck praises an obsolete provision of the U.S. Constitution that prohibited Congress from outlawing the slave trade before 1808 and capped taxes on the slave trade at $10 per slave. In his explanation of the provision, Beck does not mention slavery, saying instead that the provision means that the Founders apparently "felt like there was a value to being able to live here" and lamenting: "Not anymore. These days we can't ask anything of immigrants -- including that they abide by our laws."

Think Progress: Insurer Denies Woman’s Claim: She Should Have Known That Her Bleeding Breast Was Not An ‘Emergency' (VIDEO): One of the worst abuses of private insurance companies is the practice of using spurious reasons to deny claims. In April, Rosalinda Miran-Ramirez awoke and found her shirt soaked in blood. Realizing that her “her left breast [was] bleeding from the nipple,” she rushed to the emergency room. Today, CBS-5 reports that this San Francisco Department of Public Health employee has had her claim denied because her insurance company, Blue Shield of California, didn’t consider her situation to be an “emergency.”

NY Times: New Poll: Is Obama Overexposed? - Yes, the media morons are actually polling this. Too bad for them, just becuase they want it too be true doesnt' mean their polls will back them up.

Defund David Vitter! Prohibiting the use of federal funds to support David Vitter: This is a whoot! Just check it out. Trust me.

TPM: Eric Cantor To Constituent With Sick Relative: Fall Back On Gov't Program: House Minority Whip Eric Cantor (R-VA) appeared yesterday at a health care reform discussion hosted by the Richmond Times-Dispatch. As the newspaper reported, constituents "listened without booing" and "left in an orderly fashion -- without shouting, fighting or the escort of law enforcement." What a refreshing change of pace.

Nate Silver: Generic House Polling Suggests the Republicans Could Regain the House in 2010 - This is a wake up call for Democrats to DO SOMETHING THEY SAID THEY WERE GOING TO DO, AND DO IT RIGHT!

From DKTV: GOP senator loses his cool, screams during health care markup (VIDEO)

From DKTV:
GOP Senator Pat Robert demands 72 hours for lobbyists to review health care bill (VIDEO)

From DKTV: After 90 minutes of Qaddafi, Fox says “the top news” was “that he kept on calling Barack Obama ‘our son’” (VDIEO)

Think Prgoress: Sen. Inhofe on why global warming isn’t real: ‘God’s still up there. We’re going through these cycles.’ (VIDEO) - Oy, vey.

Think Progress: Kyl Asserts ‘I Don’t Need Maternity Care’ In My Health Policy; Stabenow Shoots Back ‘Your Mom Probably Did’ (VIDEO): Today, the Senate Finance Committee debated Sen. Jon Kyl’s (R-AZ) amendment to prohibit the federal government from “defining the health care benefits offered through private insurance.” Kyl tried to make his case by citing the unnecessary expense of maternity care. He was quickly smacked down by Sen. Debbie Stabenow (D-MI)...

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