President Obama To Do 5 Back-to-Back Talk Shows Sunday (sans Fox)

Can't imagine why Fox didn't get a bite at this apple? Could it be Glenn Beck is inciting viewers to violence scaring them about Obama taking away their guns (against police in PA) or possibly even against the President? Or, that Sean Hannity pathologically lies about him on a daily basis, often pray on older white viewers fears of the angry black man? Hmmmm.

From the NY Times:

The president is going to appear on five Sunday talk shows – five – to press his case for health care, White House officials disclosed. That is a presidential record.

Mr. Obama is going to appear on This Week with George Stephanopoulos on ABC. And Meet the Press on NBC. And Face the Nation on CBS. In between, he is going to sit down for interviews on CNN and Univision. (Fox News didn’t make the cut).

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