Pot Meet Kettle: Prostitution, Child Pornography & Criminality Rampant At Fox News

Fox News is always the first (and the loudest) to accuse others for wrong doing, but really, isn't that the truest definition of the pot calling the kettle black?

News Corpse's
KingOneEye thinks so, and as you will see, Fox news is i no position to be throwing stones at anyone -- like they have with ACORN -- when it comes to matters of "prostitution and criminality."

The big story on Fox News yesterday was the undercover video of ACORN employees improperly advising a couple of conservative activists, posing as a pimp and a prostitute, on how to deceive the IRS and acquire funds to operate their illegal business. The video was featured throughout the day on just about every program on the Fox network.


When Fox News goes out if its way to create scandals based on intellectually dishonest conclusions that everyone in an enterprise is guilty if anyone in it commits a crime, they are leaving themselves wide open. Following the Fox model of culpability it would be easy to declare Fox News guilty of numerous abhorrent crimes.

Earlier this year, Fox News producer Aaron Bruns was arrested for trafficking in child pornography. Another Fox Newser, Don Broderick, committed hit-and-run on a bicyclist. Fox News contributor Dick Morris was famously caught with a hooker, whom he let listen in on phone calls with the White House. And Bill O'Reilly himself was the subject of a sexual harassment case that he settled privately for millions of dollars.

With evidence like this it is pretty clear that Fox News is a venal criminal enterprise, steeped in the most repulsive sorts of violence and sexual assaults. That is, if we use the Fox criteria for establishing guilt. And while ACORN fired their offending employees, three of the four Fox felons above still report there for work.

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