Poll: Majority Of Republicans Opposes Wilson’s "You Lie" Outburst

It seem it wasn't only Democrats who didn't like Rep. Joe You Lie! Wilosn's classless outburst.

From Greg Sargent:

[... ]if you look at the relevant numbers buried in this new Gallup poll, you’ll see that a majority of Republicans

opposes Wilson’s outburst. Here’s the breakdown of Republican attitudes towards the “you lie” moment:

Support, thrilled: 9%
Support, not thrilled: 30%
No opinion: 8%
Oppose, not outraged: 44%
Oppose, outraged: 8%

As you can see, 44 percent oppose what Wilson did, but are not outraged, while another eight percent oppose it and are outraged. That’s a total of 52% of Republicans who oppose Wilson’s explosion — versus only 39% who support it.

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