Nutter Michele Bachmann? Meet Nutter Ron Paul.

What happens when nutters collide. Things don't go as well as Michele Bachmann had planned.

Bachmann arranged for Ron Paul to speak at an event with her at at the University of Minnesota. Paul, as equal in the nutter department as Bachmann -- but coming at the crazy from a totally different angle -- gave a speech that left the princess of the great, un-medicated masses, speechless.

From Think Progress:
Yesterday, the Young Americans for Liberty sponsored an event at the University of Minnesota that brought together the odd pairing of Reps. Michele Bachmann (R-MN) and Ron Paul (R-TX). Bachmann solicited Paul for the event, hoping that his presence would help her attract support from young conservatives and libertarians.

Writing for The Daily Beast, Maureen O’Connor notes that the event melded two “wingnut worlds“: “the fanatically religious Bush-era neocon, a flag-waving patriot who likens gay sex to bestiality and fantasizes about lobbing nukes at Iran” and the libertarian “Ron Paul Revolution.” Indeed, for Bachmann, the presence of Paul created numerous awkward moments, particularly as the Texas congressman sermonized at length about his isolationist views.

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